Chanel Rouge Noir Collection | Review, photos, swatches

March 21, 2016

There are makeup collections that I feel  were made especially for me, and Rouge Noir by Chanel is one of them. It is as if someone took just the right amount of black and a hint of plums and wine, and created a colour so unique and edgy, it makes me feel like my name is written all over it. The fact that the Chanel logo is printed on it makes it even more desirable in my eyes, and before I even tried the products I knew I would love them.

The products' packaging isn't different from other Chanel products, and keeps everything simple yet classy. Le Volume De Chanel is an amazing mascara, equipped with a special wand also known as the snowflake wand. I was very pleased with the mascara and the effect it gave my lashes, and the colour will suite hazel eyes that have a hint of green (just like mine), as it will emphasize the green and make your eye look bigger. The mascara retails for 220 nis and is also available in purple, blue, brown and black.

An almost-black plum as an eyeliner is always a good idea, and Le Crayon Khol Rouge Noir 17 is that exact perfect shade, that is not too dark and not too colourful. It is suitable as a base for a smoky-eye look and also to tight-line the water line. It is relatively soft and easy to apply, comes in a set with a sharpener and retails for 142 nis. 

Rouge Allure Rouge Noir 109 is a beautiful dark plum, that might seem a little too much in the picture, but applies smoothly and a little sheer on the lips, a fact that makes it easier to wear. It has a satin finish and is very comfortable to apply and wear throughout the day because of its moisturising finish. On the other hand, it does not 'bleed' or stain the teeth in an unflattering matter. The chic packaging is another bonus to a great product that retails for 237 nis. 

And then came the most beautiful nail polish that I have ever laid my eyes on. Le Vernis Nail Colour Rouge Noir 18 is a dark bordeaux nail polish, equipted with a skinny brush that makes the painting of my nails as easy as can be. The nail polish looks fabulous in two coats, dries fast, has a very glossy finish and retails for 162 nis. The price is a bit high (in my opinion) for a nail polish, but I have spent almost 30$ in the past for a nail polish by Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc, so why no for Chanel?

Black and black will always go hand in hand, so even before the shoot I knew what perfume should be photographed together with the beautiful collection. Tom Ford's Black Orchid is a very rich and seductive smell, that will not suite everyone's taste, but when it does, becomes a never-ending romance. Truffles, Boswellia Oil and black plums are just some of the interesting notes that create this scent. O.D.T 50 ml | 402 nis, 100 ml | 555 nis.

Photography | Vira Khrupa
Thanks to Margosa Hotel for having us

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