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April 22, 2016

I don’t know what about you – but when my hair is in a good mood, my soul is happy too. It may sound shallow to some people, but just like a zit can kill my mood and make me want to stay in bed, also a bad hair day could kill my vibe. In general, my hair and I are pretty good friends – as long as I maintain the right nurture, it will feel soft and healthy. My hair is naturally thick which makes me keep a medium hair length in order to avoid any heavy or tired look. It tends to become puffy in certain lengths or haircuts, so also choosing the person to cut my hair is sometimes not an easy task. I use ammonia free hair colour to maintain a deep dark brown colour, and although I recently tried a few ‘plain’ hair colours, my favourite colour was, and still is, Garnier (Olia). When it comes to washing my hair, I believe a clean hair looks and feels best, so I wash my hair every day in the shower. Some may say it’s unhealthy, but for me that’s the only way to feel really refreshed. 

Despite my frequent hair washing routine, I don’t finish shampoo bottles so quickly and I tend to use two/three simultaneously. First will mostly be therapeutic (and smells bad, but also very beneficial) for times when my scalp feels sensitive (TG Gel by Neutrogena, which unfortunately you can’t get in Israel but if you’re abroad – I highly recommend it). The second one will be my ‘normal’ shampoo, for before/after flights or days when I plan to pull off my hair into a ponytail (and as such I prefer it being cheap and accessible). The third will always be an expensive one reserved for special occasions or times when my hair needs a warm shoulder to cry on (or simply an extra good care).

Hair product brand Kerastase recently launched a hair product line named RESISTANCE THEAPISTE* which is made for damaged or non-properly treated hair. The line suits both thin or thick hair types, and I believe the rich mask will be perfect those who have thick hair such as myself. What’s surprising about this line is the way you use the products: you first start with the conditioner, which protects the hair pre-wash, without making it heavy. Then you continue with a ‘washing bath’ (shampoo), which drives the ability of the hair to recover. I heard about the reverse washing trend but I never experienced it so far, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised; after washing my hair it not only looked great but also felt much lighter. Also, the ‘pull down’ feel that is so typical with thick hair was almost non-existent. Shampoo 250 ml | 153 NIS, Conditioner 200 ml | 189 NIS, Mask 500 ml | 328 NIS.

My daily shampoo lately is FRIZZ MIRACLE* by the Australian brand AUSSIE. The series is made for curly or stubborn hair (static electricity in the airplane, anyone?), and when combining the shampoo together with the quick-action mask from the same series, I find that it does a pretty good job maintaining my hair. Nonetheless, when using for a longer period of time I did feel the effect was less noticeable. For hair type such as mine, which suffers from seasons change, it will require a more nurturing and indulging mask. Shampoo 300 ml |34.90 NIS, Mask 250 ml | 44.90 NIS.

Recently more than ever, I’m starting to embrace the fact that it is better to have one expensive, quality, practical piece in my closet than piles of items that don’t really fit. This theory I slowly implement on my cosmetics and makeup chest, by clearing products that I simply don’t use for some reason. The cost of a product is a factor for me, by the way, since when I use a more expensive product I do feel more beautiful and nurtured. Weird? Yes, might be, but recently it is much easier for me to relate to more exclusive and established brands.

Among some of the technical difficulties I experience lately, unfortunately, my hair dryer also decided to crash and die. In perfect timing, I received the POWER CLOUD* hair dryer made by my favorite brand Amika. The dryer is well tech equipped with positive/negative ions. Wait, what?! When the ion is set on positive (+) the cuticles of the hair are open, what allows the steams and the water molecules to leave safely from the hair, without causing any breakage or damage. The idea is to completely dry the hair before creating any hairdo. After complete dryness, we will then adjust the regulator into negative (-) ion mode – what closes the cuticles of the hair and allows us to start styling the hair. Using this method on hair which was completely dry, also helps to avoid any frizziness and static electricity that will sometimes appear when drying the hair incorrectly. 

The hair dryer has an AC 2000W powerful engine, which enables direct heat to style the hair. It has 3 drying functions: cold air, heat and high heat and has an indicator light of the ion regulator (when it's positive the light will go blue, when it’s negative the light will be green) and its purpose is to avoid any confusion (and yes, in the beginning it is quite confusing). In order to achieve high impact, I combine two products that are in my hair styling routine:  the first, also made by Amika, was love at first sight. The Wizzard is a primer that defends the hair from the heat while blow-drying and leaves the hair soft and radiant. It is based on the Hippophae fruit and has a very nice smell, it removes any tangles and most of all – does what it promises to do, even if you don’t plan to use a hair dryer after using it. Secondly, to style my hair I use a medium size Pro Thermo Ceramic Brush* by Natural Formula, which has a ceramic head plus a comfortable handle, that allows control while styling the hair and creating nice waves. 79 NIS. Amika products can be bought at all April stores, on Amikawebsite and several hair salons, as well as on the Guilty website.

Photography | Vira Khrupa
Thanks to Margosa Hotel for having us

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