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April 18, 2016

Finally, the prestigious perfume brand Jo Malone has landed in our little country.  The excitement for its arrival was high, and the first store that opened in Ramat Aviv Mall has reached all expectations. In between the neon lights and the crowded mall ways, the clean shelves are able to achieve an international feel, façade, and sophistication that are unique to luxury brands. For those of you who don’t know the brand, I can start by explaining that Jo Malone – despite the masculine name and as similar to Bobby Brown, is actually a female. Her love for smells was always there, and in the 90’s, she decided to turn her love into a business and started the brand, which carries her name.
Within the years, the British brand has become a synonym name to quality and high-end and became famous due to the fragrant candles and unique perfume smells. The condensed smells take us into a fascinating journey in an imaginary world, and when these come in a compact and elegant bottle, it is hard not to fall in love.

The beautiful store in Ramat Aviv is gracefully designed in a clean and aesthetic look. On the shelves, you could find a nice selection of the brand, which includes perfumes, candles and creams, and in the centre of the store you could test the smells and compare the perfumes in a pleasant station. The sales associates showcase professionalism, and from knowing one of them (Chen, a real sweetheart, search for her!), I learned that the work staff has went through an extensive training in London in order to understand and get to know the brand. It seems they really believe in the brand and its products, and that is one of the reasons I believe the brand is really successful – on top of the great products, the brand was able to place itself in a way that people really believe in it, and constantly create interest and curiosity among consumers and fans. In terms of prices, it is a luxury brand like any other, and having said that – it means prices are relatively high. Nonetheless, the difference in prices between the products in Israel and abroad is hardly there. For instance, I am used to paying 65$ for a 30 ml. perfume and the price in Israel is 260 NIS for 30 ml. and 520 NIS for 100 ml. The amazing brand’s candles require some attention, just note that 200 gram candles which will hold burning for 45 hours are sold for 240 NIS, and no, you will not be able to leave them behind in the store. Because of the unique selection of fragrances, and the option to mix two smells in order to create three different smells, my recommendation is to not rely on descriptions and spend time in the pleasant store, while searching for the right perfume for you. If you are looking for some guidance and recommendation, the following are my personal favorites:

1. ENGLISH PEAR & FREESIA – my favorite smell. Vered, a dear woman in which I truly value, introduced me to it. The smell is soft, chilly, fall-like and contains pears, Freesia, and Patchouli.

2. PEONY & BLUSH SUEDE – a perfume, which is a classic, must for every woman. The smell is flowery, gentle and flirtatious and contains red apples, raspberries, and suede.

3. WILD BLUEBELL – if freedom had a smell, then this was it. Light, glamorous and soft and contains bellflowers, persimmon and white musk.

Photography | dy-photography
Hair & Makeup | Michal Lesman
Dress | Blush 

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