What's in my makeup bag | Review, photos, swatches

May 13, 2016

One of the favorite posts in the blog appeared exactly a year ago, under the title “What’s new in my makeup bag?”. I guess it has something to do with our inquisitive instinct, that makes us somewhat curious about what’s in our friend's makeup bag. I admit that this is one of the first things I personally want to know once I meet a new person. Recently I started using several interesting new products, that made my bag much more colorful and interesting, and I thought this could be a great opportunity to share with you the products that I use on a daily basis.

I'll start from a few basic products that I have been using for a long time now. Being a flight attendant and a matte lipstick lover, my lips tend to dry and pay the price. As a result, I need to use a quality lip balm on a daily basis. Kiehl Lip Balm Mango is one of my favourites since it has the immediate ability to calm the lips and give them rich moisture. When I’m in the mood for a balm with some color, I use Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil by Josie Maran. MAC Mineralize Concealer (I use NC20) is without a doubt my favourite concealer. It gives light but durable coverage, with a liquid texture, which enables it to blend with the skin for a natural finish. Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder (in its mini version), which I purchased in Bangkok, is not necessarily the best powder out there, but its small and compact packaging makes it great for travelling. I actually really liked it in its previous version, but my guess is when they changed the packaging they also changed the formula, which is now thicker. I don’t mind it being as such, as I mostly use it during flights, and do plan to use it till the very end. Argan Enlightenment Illuminating Veil by Josie Maran (in its mini version) is a very subtle golden highlighter, suitable for daily use that doesn’t look overdone. This product will be great for those who are seeking a more relaxed and daily option when it comes to highlights. Last but not least, you could never go wrong with Essence Silky Touch Blush (No. 80), which gives radiance and colour to your cheeks for the price of solely 13 NIS.   

When it comes to eye makeup, I am pretty basic on a day-to-day basis, and every once in a while will add a nude colour palette to my travel bag, such as the excellent Naked Basics. MAC Painterly Paint Pot is great as an eye-shadow base, but can also be used on the entire eyelid in order to cover any redness or unevenness. Josie Maran Black Oil mascara might be travel size, but has a massive brush that is no less than any other high-end brands. I love it because it allows a perfect colour stroke on all eyelashes with minimum effort and gives a great black impact. I use the Ardell transparent Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator* mascara to fixate my eyebrows when I crave a more natural and easygoing look. L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper brown mascara in the Medium/Dark* shade is my go-to when it comes to having neat eyebrows. The mascara’s shade matches my eyebrows perfectly, it has a tiny brush that allows a precise use and it keeps everything in place. If you are looking for a simple and effective solution to fixate your eyebrows – this mascara is certainly something I would recommend.  

As oppose to eyes, when it comes to lips – my makeup bag is completely full, and I have to clear it out every week. My recent favourites are divided into several groups: first, a true classic - MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. If you still don’t have it, note that this is one of the best red lipsticks out there in the market, if not the best one (in my opinion). Its texture is retro-matte, velvety and dry, so you will need to moist your lips once removing it. Another surprise this year is actually a glossy product, although it is a known fact that glossy lip products and myself are a big no-no. What’s interesting about MAC Versicolour Stain is that it is not a proper gloss nor stain. It is a perfect winning combination between the two, which includes a shiny balmy finish, and also has a great colour. The tone I carry is called Creasless Energy*, and it gives the face a healthy, fresh and young look. 

OFRA liquid lipsticks have also become very successful around the globe and receive great feedback when it comes to performance. Their collaboration with the controversial YouTube persona Manny MUA introduced 3 new beautiful shades to the range, and while I may not be crazy about his vivid persona, you cannot argue when it comes to the quality of these products. Charmed* is an mid-tone-nude, but not necessarily nude in that sense that looks like washed skin-tone. It offers a precise balance between pink and brown, with a little bit of a flattering gray. However, The Hypno* shade gives the look a more dramatic edge, with a combination of deep red and brown, which leaves no room for the imagination. This is one of those lipsticks that you can’t ignore. The packaging has also changed and now looks more luxurious, and while it doesn’t state so anywhere – I do believe that the formula has somewhat changed for the best. The lipsticks price is currently only 69 NIS, and they are totally worth the purchase. Last but not least, is Flormar durable Waterproof Lipliner shade number 201 in which its delicate colour and soft texture turns it into a very useful product, that can be used either as a lipliner or a full lipstick.        

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