Nashi Blossom by Jo Malone | Review

June 03, 2016

One of my favourite things about the Jo Malone brand is their ability to create scents that are very close to the real thing, and how they manage to keep things elegant and classy. Nashi Blossom* is a new limited edition fragrance, that celebrates spring with a subtle mixture of white flowers, juicy fruit and tangy lemon. For those of you who have never heard about the Nashi fruit, it is an interesting hybrid between an apple and a pear, known for its unusual taste and high price. It is very popular in Asia, and in Japan for example, serving a Nashi fruit is a sign of honour to your guests and it is usually served peeled and cut into slices at special event or given as a gift. 

The scent was created by a perfumer who had created a very popular and well-loved scent for the brand in the past (Blackberry & Bay). The new perfume Nashi Blossom opens with summery lemon notes, its heart is the juicy Nashi pear and its base is all about crisp, white musk. Together they create a scent that is fresh and fruity, suitable for the warm days ahead and in particular for those who love crisp fresh smell.

The company recommends mixing scents, in order to create new fragrances that suite your personal liking. For those who like flowery-feminine scents, the company recommends mixing Nashi Blossom with Nectarine Blossom & Honey. Those who gravitate towards warmer smells can try a mix of Dark Amber & Ginger Lily as a mixture. 30 ml | 275 NIS, 100 ml | 550 NIS. Jo Malone products can be found in Ramat Aviv mall (and soon in Jerusalem too!). For more about the brand Click here. 

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