DIESEL BAD | Fragrance Review

November 15, 2016

I've always liked bad boys. Leather jackets, dirty hair and a faint smell of alcohol and tobacco on their breath. I never quite knew what it was about these bad boys that made my heart race every time, but the heart wants what it wants. Diesel BAD the new fragrance for men, is all about this. Unpredictable, mysterious, irresistible. Designed for a man who lives by his own rules to a rhythm you can only wish to follow, as it is solely his.

The bad boy of the campaign is American actor and model Boyd Holbrook. Capturing the essence of bad with his piercing eyes and his stunning features, he reminds me of all the bad boys I have loved in the past. The black, sturdy bottle brings to mind the biker leather jacket Holbrook is wearing in the campaign, and the perfume's name, BAD, is featured on the bottle itself in a minimalistic yet daring manner.

The new, woody fragrance combines notes of caviar and tobacco, creating a sophisticated, flirty scent. Citrus and spice, bergamot, cardamon and lavender blend together in a unique balance that evokes the senses. It's a game of seduction and this perfume is changing the rules of the game. The scent is a sexy, night-time smell, that lingers on the skin after many hours of wear. As temperatures go down this can be a statement choice for the cold winter nights. 75 ml | 468 NIS, 125 ml | 525 NIS.

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