La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion | Review

November 25, 2016

Whenever a new product is launched by luxury brand La Prairie, my curiosity peeks to new levels. As temperatures drop and we all experience the effects of weather changes on our skin, a new launch by this brand is making an impression on beauty addicts around the world, and as one, I too understand why this new product cannot be ignored.

La Prairie's Skin Caviar is one of the brand's most well-known and prestigious lines, featuring caviar extract of the highest standard, that is exclusive to the brand and is registered as a patent. The new Essence-in-Lotion is a unique product, different in use to other products with a similar consistency. It is meant to be used before applying serum and moisturizer, as a preparation of the skin (and pure indulgence). With clean hands and a fresh face, apply two to three drops of the clear essence in the palm of your hand, and massage it into your face. The essence promises to sooth and soften the skin, give it a fresh, firm feeling and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

La Prairie's Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion has a delicate rose petals scent. Immediately after applying the product, the skin feels both supple and firm. As for reducing the size of enlarged pores, I am not one who can say much, as I don't have that problem. The essence sinks into the skin in seconds, leaving it feeling smooth and relaxed. I then apply the my favourite moisturizer by Shiseido, and it absorbs into the skin easily and quickly. Using the essence definitely helps relieve the dry, tight feeling I have been experiencing in these last couple of weeks.

Regarding the bottle, I would have preferred it to be equipped with a pipette that allows control of the exact amount of product one uses. The price in Israel is high - 1,400 NIS, but considering the amount you actually use each time, the product will probably last a very long time. Expensive, but a wonderful indulgence. 150 ml | 1,400 NIS.

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