Clinique Pep-Start | Review

December 11, 2016

If Facebook and Instagram are a part of your life, you have probably seen the new colorful series pep-start by Clinique. The new products are targeted at younger users than whom Clinique usually caters to. As such the packaging is vibrant and eye-catching and prices are relatively comfortable. Packaging defiantly does something for me, and I immediately wanted to try the new product.

In the series are five products supposed to solve the time issues we all in modern life. As one who lives from one jet lag to another, quick products are exactly what I look for in my daily routine. Like all Clinique products, these are also fragrance free and allergy tested, so everyone with sensitive skin can use them without hesitation. 

If you are starting your way in the eye cream game, the pep-start eye cream is one to add to your cart. It is light-weight, absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves the eye area feeling moisturized and comfortable. 15 ml | 185 NIS in stores or 148 NIS on Clinique's website.

Two new moisturizers were introduced to the world: one in yellow packaging, contains spf20 and has the appropriate name Hydrorush. Another, in blue packaging has a thicker texture that resembles a primer, and therefore its name, Hydroblur. Hydrorush does not feel heavy or greasy on the skin, is non-comedogenic and is, of course, fragrance free. While Hydrorush gives the benefit of sunscreen already in a moisturizer, Hydroblur will even out fine lines and texture, and can replace a primer before foundation. In both cases the goal is clear: maximum effect in minimum time. 50 ml | 186.25 NIS or 149 NIS on Clinique's website.

I'll finish this post with a product I really like. The daily exfoliating cleanser from the series is enriched with papaya and coconut extracts and contains salicylic acid that fights skin's impurities. The orange gel contains tiny beads that exfoliate without scratching or drying the skin. A perfect energy boost to a sleepy morning. 125 ml | 111.25 NIS or 89 NIS on Clinique's website.

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