New makeup from Bobbi Brown | Review, photos, swatches

December 02, 2016

Bobbi Brown in a makeup brand I have been in a steady relationship with for the past year. Though the name can be a little confusing, Bobbi Brown is actually a woman, a talented makeup artist known for creating products that emphasize one's natural beauty and correct where a little extra help is needed.

Instant Confidence Stick is a see-through face stick, that aims to refine the look of fine lines and the skins texture. Just try to imagine a soft filter refining your imperfections. Whatever is placed over it, concealer, foundation or lipstick easily glides on the skin or lips, and I liked the fact that is does not feel heavy on the skin. How to use it? Apply wherever needed before applying concealer or foundation. I also found it excellent as a lip primer before a drying matte lipstick. 3 grams | 180 NIS.

Retouching Wand (mine is in the color Light) is a product which perfectly suites my needs. I don't use foundation on a daily basis and I always gravitate towards light-weight, thin products that blend seamlessly into the skin. The retouching wand has a soft sponge tip and a formula that aims to cancel out redness and refine impurities in a natural, delicate way. How to use it? As you would use a concealer in specific areas and with a blurring motion. I liked this product and added it to my makeup routine, but I feel one could get a liitle more product for the price. 3.1 ml | 220 NIS. 

Retouching Face Pencil is a chubby pencil that aims to contour and correct the skin. The company suggests using it with a specific brush to get the best results. How to use it? The color I own is Illuminate, and as such it is specified for illuminating the skin. I use it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and my Cupid's bow. The effect is flattering and the product is easy to use, but I don't find it much different to similar cheaper options. 2.4 grams | 165 NIS.

Telluride highlighting powder is a limited edition shimmering bronze powder with a light pink hue to it. Though it seems lighter and pinker in the pan, it is actually very rich in color and would suite those who have deeper skin tones than myself. I did try using it lightly on the my face over a matte bronzer, but for my pale skin I find it actually works best on my eyes, as a stunning, light-catching eyeshadow. 8 grams | 235 NIS.

If you are just getting to know Bobbi Brown makeup, there are some products I recommend trying: Eye Opening Mascara is a great black mascara that lengthens the lashes; the serum-concealer is a great choice for hot weather; the creamy, rich lipsticks are very comfortable on the lips and last, but definitely not least are the blushes, especially the Pot Rouge cream blushes that you can also apply on your lips.

From left to right: Retouching Wand Light, Retouching Pencil Illuminate, Powder Telluride

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