All About Lancome | Review, photos, swatches

In an elegance reserved only for French luxury brands,
Lancome has recently launched numerous new products. When it comes to grooming,
it seems as if innovation is the name of the game. But as far as the makeup goes, ever since launching the
cushion compact, which was one of the first products to arrive in Israel,
most makeup products were quite standard, and I always look forward to some
more unique launches, such as the new jelly lip stains everyone is talking about
online. Having said that, you cannot argue with the brand being so consistent
when it comes to the quality of their makeup products, as well as their
packaging – something I personally care about as a consumer.


The Long-Lasting Softening
is basically the same product with mild changes. It is
the old and good concealer in a new packaging that includes a small
window to showcase
the shade as well as how much product is left in the container (and most
a new and improved formula). The concealer comes in a small and sterile
package, and has an impressive covering ability.  This product is
suitable for someone who
is looking for a stable concealer that does a good job, but also takes
consideration that the rich texture of the product requires some
Personally, I would love to see a wider selection of shades, as I always
it difficult to match the right shade with what is sold in Israel (I am
NC20 in
MAC mineral concealer, for instance, and 02’ is a bit too dark and
orangey for
me). 247 NIS | 15 ml.
Stick eye shadows are a great option for the lazy ones, and
also for those seeking a shade that will last all day. The blue stick eyeshadow
named Ombre Hypnose Blue Nuit | Stylo*
was my favorite, although the initial apprehension of using blue eye makeup.
It slides well on the eyelid (but needs some smudging as it quickly becomes
fixated) and has a perfect balance of black that adds a dirty touch and enables
to create a dramatic and smoked eye look within a short time. Is it unique in
comparison to other stick eyeshadows I have tried, like KIKO's? Not really,
but the color is very beautiful. 185 NIS | 1.4 gram
Colorful mascaras are a makeup trend that I am not a big fan
of, but might be interesting for those who love their eyelashes colorful. Grandiose Mascara | Violet Mirifique*
is a precise brush mascara with an excellent formula, but I think its purple
color makes it less usable, and I would rather have it in a black or brown
shade.  Lancome’s massacres are among my
personal favorites, and most likely when I will be searching for a new mascara,
I would probably check this one in its black version. 210 NIS | 10 gram.



As oppose to the aforementioned, Hypnose Volume-a-porter*, might be the brand’s most famous mascara
and for a reason. It is simply good mascara. The mascara has 306 (!) small
bristles, which allow a professional and easy use on eyelashes, and promise an
impressive eyelashes fan every time. If I had to recommend one mascara of the
brand, then this would probably be it. 195 NIS | 6.5 gram.


The Shine Lover |
French Sourire*
is a moist pink lipstick that suits the existing
It is balmy and smooth on the lips, with a pink shadow that adds color,
liveliness and shine to the look, with a finish touch that is not sticky
and can be worn for a long time. It is a lipstick that truly guarantees
to the lips for long hours given its hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil.
This is
the type of lipstick, which is fun to throw down the purse and reuse
along the
day. 165 NIS | 3.2 ml.


From makeup let’s move to the really interesting part –
grooming. The famous moisture series Hydra
is targeting a young audience of women (around 25+ years of age), and
the products defiantly attract the attention. The branding is all soft and
feminine pink, and the products bring innovation and solution to the daily
stress. Hydra Zen Masque* is a
unique serum mask for a night use. It enriches the skin with moisture, relaxes
it, promises to reduce fatigue marks and to make our face look more
radiant and relaxed. In reality, the mask dealt greatly with a jetlag that
refused to go away, and I would recommend this to anyone who likes light
textures that observe well in the skin and don’t leave it oily or over
slippery. 420 NIS | 75 ml.
Hydra Zen Essence De
is a moisture essence gel product, which enriches the skin with
moisture, softens and relaxes it. The light gel with the nice fruity smell
turns even more liquid-like once you slightly mix it in between your palms. The
brand then offers to slightly tap onto the face, and do a relaxing massage in
certain pressure points with harmonically movements from the centre of the face
and out. While gel feels cool and nice on the face, I would suggest this is an
indulgent product without a doubt, and not a must-have. 315 NIS | 200 ml.
For a more mature skin (as far as I see it), there were 2
designated products that were launched: one is for the eyes, and the other one
is for an intensive night care. Genifique
Yeux Light-Pearl*
is a condensed essence which is protected with 7 patents
(!) and comes in a luxurious packaging with a round-ball ergonomic head with
which you place the product on the eyes area. After using this product, the
skin feels cool and nice, and the substance is absorbed well into the skin,
leaving it soft and radiant. It seems to be more suitable for summer when
the temperature will rise and the natural preference is for light grooming
products that absorb quickly and leave the face fresh and radiant. 402 NIS | 20


Visionnaire Nuit
Beauty Sleep Perfector*
will be suitable for dry skin, that needs comfort
and deep correction. While the texture is misleading – gel that seems as if it
will absorb into the skin in seconds – the reality is somewhat different. It is
a rich product, quite heavy on the skin, so those who don’t need it might not
like how it feels. Those in which their skin is thirsty for moisture, and does
not have an oily skin (!), will enjoy this product that seems to be affecting
the skin in becoming much more relaxed. Please keep in mind that due to its
rich texture, the brand recommends using only a small amount of the product
(about half of what we would normally use). 510 NIS | 50 ml.



Photography | Vira Khrupa
Thank you Margosa Hotel for having us


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