Chanel cleansing collection

A question I am frequently asked is how I manage to keep my complexion bright and healthy. I always say that no matter how good your makeup is, what brand you use or what you choose to enhance, if one's skin isn't healthy and taken care of, the makeup will never look as good as it could. As the 'no makeup' makeup look is always in fashion and is one of my personal favorites, I make sure to have the right — and bright — canvas for it to look fabulous. Recently I have been achieving this glowy look by using Chanel's new cleansing collection.

The collection contains six cleansing products, with six different textures for six different sensations. I have tried five of them. Chanel puts great emphasis on making the cleansing process a soothing and delightful part of our skincare routine, rather than a chore we have to complete. The cleansing collection by Chanel ensures impeccable makeup removal, that contributes to a fresh and impurity-free skin. These products can be used in combination with one another or each on its own as part of your daily skincare routine. 

L'HUILE | Anti-pollution cleansing oil 
Definitely one of my personal favorites, this gentle yet effective cleansing oil transforms into a milky cleanser when in contact with water. The recommendation is to apply the oil to a dry face, then add water and use circular motions to activate the milky wash, and then rinse off with warm water.

LE LAIT | Anti-pollution cleansing milk
Creamy and luxurious in feeling, this cleansing milk leaves the skin soft and makeup-free. Use a few pumps and apply onto a dry face, then with circular motions remove your face makeup, and clean the face using a cotton pad. 

LE LAIT FRAICHEUR D'EAU | Anti-pollution cleansing milk-to-water
This product has a unique, fresh, light-weight texture. Though the technique of use is similar to the LE LAIT cleansing milk, the feel on the skin is much lighter, and suitable for those seeking a refreshing effect. 


LA MOUSSE | Anti-pollution cleansing cream-to-foam
I love cleansing my face using water, which makes LA MOUSSE the perfect product for me. The product ensures a gentle yet very effective cleansing process, starting as a rich cream that on contact with water transforms into a light foam that leaves skin feeling clean and fresh but never tight or uncomfortable.
LE TONIQUE | Anti-pollution invigorating toner
This alcohol-free formula completes the cleansing process. Just a few drops on a cotton pad are needed to cover the whole face, completing the cleaning process without stripping the skin. I find this product extremely useful in the summer, when I want my skin to feel refreshed and extra clean. 

Douze points for this cleansing collection! 


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