It is difficult for me to grasp the idea that almost a whole month has passed since the Chanel Gabrielle launch in Athens. To be invited to such a unique event was an amazing experience, and I feel honored to have been chosen to represent Israel together with six other bloggers, and share my adventure and the new fragrance with you, my readers.


I remember the day I received the invitation from Paris to take part in the launch of the new fragrance by Chanel, Gabrielle. It was in April, after landing at Ben Gurion airport from yet another flight (for those of you who don't know – I also work as a flight attendant). I opened my mail: 'Dear Shantih, We are delighted to invite you to the launch of Chanel's new feminine fragrance in Athens beginning of July'. Well, I was delighted to RSVP, and so began my Chanel Gabrielle adventure.



We arrived in Athens after a short flight, and were welcomed by Chanel drivers who took us to the beautiful resort we were staying in: Cape Sounio Grecotel Exclusive Resort. This stunning luxury hotel is located about an hour from Athens and has all the facilities you could ever dream of: green nature surrounds you everywhere, comfortable rooms with beautiful sea views, a huge sea salt pool and a private beach with a stunning deck to have your dinner on. A true dream, unbelievably close to our home base.


In our private and spacious rooms we had a Chanel goodie bag waiting for us. I also brought some of my favourite Chanel products to use during this mini vacation, such as the gorgeous Les Beige powder and some lip products from the stunning Cruise Collection.




After settling in our rooms, taking a shower and getting ready for the day, we met at the beach deck with other bloggers from other countries, and were invited to take our place on two large speed boats for a tour around the resort in the open sea. This was an invigorating experience: high-speed, great company (thanks to Ofri my friend who held my hand!). We took some beautiful photos and were also invited to jump into the water for a refreshing dip.




After the boat trip we were taken to the lower level of the hotel, to
experience a unique launch, different from any other event I have attended in the past. Chanel built a unique space especially for the launch: several rooms decorated with soft lighting, video-art, quotes by Gabrielle Chanel, and huge photos of the top notes of the perfume surrounded us and invited us into the unique story of the new scent.



Fifteen years have passed since a new fragrance has been laucned by Chanel. The development of the new perfume, Gabrielle Chanel, took five years, and the result is a unique perfume, minimalistic yet powerful, feminine and delicate on the one hand, yet rebellious and edgy on the other. It is very Chanel. For those of you who love the brand's perfumes and recognize them wherever you go, this too is distictly Chanel. Jasmin, Orange blossom, Ylang Ylang and Tuberose from Grasse blend together seamlessly to create the outstanding scent. For this new fragrance creating the right bottle was essential: the bottle is made out of expensive glass that was processed in a special way, giving it a slick, elegant finish.


After the launch we had some time to rest and get ready for the evening cocktail and dinner that was held on the deck at the beach. After several glasses of wine and delicious food we all collapsed in our rooms for a sweet and much needed night's sleep. Our second day started with breakfast in the hotel, overlooking the sea and enjoying the breeze. We were then taken to the Temple of Poseidon, god of the sea. The ancient stone left a strong impact on me, and the view was incredible. We returned to the hotel in the early afternoon, had a delicious Greek
lunch and spent the rest of the day at the pool and spa, enjoying the
beautiful weather, taking photos and relaxing before we had to heading back
to Athens to catch our evening flight.



How does one capture this unbelievable experience? By saying thank you. I would once again like to thank Chanel Paris for believing in me and inviting me to this unique launch. I would like to thank you, my readers and followers for all love and support you give me. Without you this could not have happened! Also, I would like to thank myself, for never quitting, never compromizing, always keeping my head up even when times are hard. Or as Gabrielle Chanel herself used to say: 'Everything I do I do with
passion. There isn't one thing that I undertake without telling myself
that my entire life depends on this one specific thing'.


Available in Israel August 23rd.
100 ml | 850 NIS
Pale Pink Dress | Tamar Marcovitz
Burgundy Dress | Robert Zlotnick
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