If there is something I love doing, it is indulging myself in expensive skincare. I don't only concentrate on my face, as other parts of my body are equally important in maintaining a youthful look and feel. So ladies, lets talk about our hands, and how to keep them soft and hydrated, with a little help from Chanel.

The beautifying hand cream that was invented by Mademoiselle Chanel in 1927, was the inspiration for La Creme Main, a light-weight, silky-soft, luxurious smelling hand and nail cream. As our hands are constantly busy and can be damaged by weather changes, pollution and sun, it is essential to take care of them, and it is easy and extremely stylish if you have this new innovative lotion in your hands.
Four years of collaboration between the packaging department, artistic direction and formulation laboratory resulted in the ergonomic water-stone-like design of the container, which fits beautifully in the palm of your hand. By pressing on the unique container, a small yet accurate amount of product is released, yet it retracts to its special shape in seconds. Elegant and practical, put it in your hand bag, your travel bag or by your bed to reach out for whenever you need pampering. 50 ml | 377 NIS.



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