They say inspiration can be found everywhere, and as a creative person I relate to this. I have often witnessed designers admire beautiful flowers and dream about their next collection, or jewelry designers who take inspiration from completely different worlds such as construction sites. When I saw these huge cactuses in the middle of Tel Aviv, I knew that was the exact spot for me to take the photos of Chanel's new spring/summer collection, that was inspired by the city of Naples.


Lucia Pica, the stylish Italian that has been Chanel Beauty's edgy and outstanding creative director for the past two years, is known for her love of vibrant colors. Since her appointment we have been introduced to a new, up-beat, strong yet feminine direction in all Chanel's latest collections, a memorable one of them is Numeros Rouges that was devoted to the color red. This time, says Pica, she let her thoughts wonder to her past, to the city where she was born: Naples. "When I close my eyes and think of Naples, these are the colors that I see". And the colors Pica is referring to are red, blue and yellow, that together create a vibrant and colorful collection, filled with mystery and surprise.



You can find many items in the collection, starting with nail polishes that scream 'summer', eye pencils, the color of the sea and a mascara to seal this statement look. Verderame is a beautiful cream shadow: rich, dark, dirty green, delivered in the most stylish packaging and texture and is a great choice for a smokey-eye look. But the real queen of the collection is Les 9 Ombres, a 9 pan eye-shadow pallet that includes three matte shades and six shimmer shades, a colorful yet sophisticated choice a classy, Chanel eye-look with a touch of summer.


Together with the classic lipstick that come in several vibrant reds and oranges that Pica loves so much, you will also find a unique lip duo: Poudre A Levres comprised of a sheer lip balm and a red lip shadow (yes, a lip shadow, you read correctly). This duo allows us to choose the amount of color and coverage we desire. Rouge Coco Gloss is my most loved and praised gloss series, as the glosses are as smooth as butter and never feel sticky on the lips. The glosses in this collection are not different in any way, and yes, you do see well, there is indeed a blue gloss in this collection. But don't worry, Pica puts a great emphasis on products we can use everyday, and as such, when applied to the lips this blue gloss is actually almost clear. The prices of the products range from 165 NIS for a nail polish or an eye pencil to 529 NIS for the beautiful eye-shadow pallet.


Photography | imagicbylala

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