Fab Five Matte Lipsticks | Review, photos, swatches

post was supposed to be out some time ago, but an irritating technical
problem resulted in all my hard work disappearing into virtual reality
with one 'save' button that refused to do it's job. So I'm starting over
again with five great matte lipsticks and one very important
conclusion: always save your work in more than one place. Lets start!

Rouge Allure Velvet 347 by
Chanel has become my favourite pink. It is deep and rich so can easily
suit a night out, and on the other hand it does not scream for
attention. As its name implies, it has a velvety touch, is comfortable
on the lips and is long wearing. The slim packaging is just a bonus to
this good-looking, well-behaved lipstick. 237 nis at Chanel counters. For more Chanel posts in the blog click here.


thing I find most appealing in the new lipstick series by Elizabeth
Arden is the packaging. I have to admit that althoughthe company is
moving towards making better formulas and creating more appealing
products for a younger crowd by rethinking the packaging, the brand in
my eyes is still considered as mature and old fashioned. Putting that
aside, Bold Red 41 from the Beautiful Color Moisturizing lipstick
collection is anything but old. It is a beautiful matte red that has a
hint of fuchsia in it and a light vanilla scent that reminds me of Mac
lipsticks. Up to now everything sounds great, but then we get to the
price that is very high. 270 nis.
Charlotte Olympia is an amazing British designer, known for her famous cat-flats
and her spider-web logo. She has a specific vintage style and a healthy
sense of humour, that result in some amazing shoes and handbags. Mac's
new collaboration with her is one to look out for, as the packaging is
gorgeous and the theme is all about that fabulous pin-up style. Starlet Scarlet is
a beautiful true red with a matte finish that leaves no place for
questions – you need it and you need it now. 101 nis in Mac stores and online.
were never quite my cup of tea, though they are perfect for the summer
as they are lighter than the classic red and don't look as heavy in
daylight. Normally I find myself gravitating towards deeper and classier
shades, and I couldn't find a orangey-red shade I actually loved. This
was until I was introduced to Volatile 320 from the Pure Color
Envy Matte collection by Estee Lauder. This lipstick manages to mix just
the right amount of orange with a hint of rich red, the formula is
great (though I understood it varies between the shades) and the magnet
close is yet another bonus to sweeten the cake. 190 nis.


you consider yourself daring with make-up, you should defnately try Zac
Posen's collection in collaboration with Mac. This classic and talented
designer came out with a collection that is not only daring, but has
great surprises hidden in it. Though orange lipstick can be
intimidating, a matte orange lip is defiantly a statement no one can
deny, and Darling Clementine will help you make this statement.
This is an orange like no other orange I own, almost neon, that will
look fabulous on tanned skin after a day at the beach. 101 nis in Mac
stores and online.



These fab five along with some other lipsticks I keep in a see-through acrylic make-up organizer by Beauty Care.
It has place for 12 lipsticks, several eyeshadows or other pot
products, and some eye pencils or longer products at the back. According
to the company it is durable, though I would not take chances with
naughty children or wild cats, and place it out of their reach. For this
price anyway, I'm willing to take the chance. 23.90 nis in Beauty Care
finish up with some swatches from right to left, if the order the
lipsticks were shown in the post: Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Mac
(Charlotte Olympia), Estee Lauder, Mac (Zac Posen).



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