There is a warm place in my heart for Givenchy makeup products. I am a 'high-end' type of girl (or at least I have become one over the past few years), but Givenchy for me is more than just a high-end brand: Givenchy is a vibe – an edgy one. The new summer collection is not sugary-sweet like other summer collections we have around. Givenchy's collection is more on the spicy side – just the way I like it.

Givenchy's woman is free, liberated and independent. Her skin is kissed by the warm sun, or better yet, by the Healthy Glow Powder Floral Impression No. 02. One can use this thinly mild powder all over the face for a healthy glow, and even as a light eyeshadow to define the crease and intensify the look. The unique flower imprint gives the powder the elegance expected from an up-market product, while the silky touch and talc-free formula makes it dreamy to use.



The new Rouge Interdit lipsticks are gorgeous, but number 18 caught my attention at first glance. Addicted To Rose is its name, and as it implies it has a beautiful rosy colour and a thin, creamy formula. It feels comfortable on the lips and is semi-opaque, making is easy to use even without a mirror, and even easier to re-apply. There are 17 new shades Rouge Interdit collection, one of them, Rouge Revelateur is a unique blend of colors: a mix of red from lipstick number 13 and a touch of black that is melded in, that gives a marble effect. Is it for everyone? Probably not, but that is what Givenchy is known for: making a unique statement when everyone else usually chooses the safe road.



The last product is not a part of the summer collection, but is a true summer product, thanks to its light-weight formula and easy-to-use compact. Teint Couture Cushin (in the photos no.3, Fresh Sand) contains a high amount of water and dense pigments, that glide on the skin for a silky-smooth completion. This hydrating formula will suit dry, normal and combination skins, and is best for those who seek light coverage and easy application. A sponge comes with the compact, and a light press on the container gives you control over the amount of product needed.

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