IBUKI Multi Solution Gel by Shiseido | Review, photos

I am not sure what about you, but lately, it seems as if my
skin is running a war against me. It started with the weather changes – the
annoying transition from the indulging chilliness into the crazy hotness which
came out of nowhere, kept going with the fact that working inside an airplane
doesn't really let my skin rest – and as for the icing on the cake, the
daily stress and all other wonders of living in a big city were added to that. The result was dry,
irritated and rebellious skin, which also included a few stubborn zits that
left me despaired as in my adolescence years, which I figured I have already
left behind a long time ago (hey, I am 27 years old, isn't it time to put an
end to this ordeal?).

IBUKI Multi Solution
Gel Intensive Gel*
is a multi-purpose product which was launched
as part of the youth series by Shiseido. It is made for the under-stress
as an SOS treatment as well as for daily usage, to be used as often as
I pulled it out of my drawer hoping to achieve immediate relaxation for
my skin (and honestly also my soul). It is a secret and sophisticated
weapon that relaxes the skin due to a formula based on flowers essence,
chestnut seeds, and a botanical complex. The sense of dryness and
feeling was reduced, the redness went down and little pimples became
less irritated. The gel’s texture reminded me solid Aloe Vera gel and in
personal opinion you should put it on at night before going to sleep,
because of its unique texture. The price for the brand is not cheap, but
small dosage is good enough to achieve a meaningful relaxation of the
skin. 300
NIS for 30 ml. in selected pharm stores.



Photography | Vira Khrupa
Thanks to Margosa Hotel for having us

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