Makeup Review | Here comes the spring

we like it or not, when Passover arrives – spring
comes, and with it not only flowy white dresses and big sunglasses but
also a
colourful palette and a strong desire to get rid of clothing layers as
well as heavy makeup. As oppose to what we got used to during winter,
spring is all about
radiant, healthy skin and a light and airy makeup. This is exactly the
time to incorporate refreshing colours into our cosmetic bag and start
with transparency. In spring, I find myself drawn towards soft and
colours with semi-transparent finishes. This type of look, which during
I would probably avoid, contains mostly pink shades in different
textures, which
bring plenty of liveliness and grace to the face.

In my opinion, the concealer is every woman’s best friend. If
there is one makeup product that I will never give up on – it’s the concealer, which
is able to hide sleepless nights and those damn jet lags. Teint Couture Concealer* by Givenchy
is made from two strips: one is a skin tone colour and the other is
pinkish. The
purpose of the skin tone is to cover and correct, while the pinkish
shade is
there to brighten up the look. While I thought that the tone I had (no.
would be too dark on me, when mixing the colours together it actually
suited my fair skin and was able to hide any dark circles. 1.2 Grams |
205 NIS.

As you probably may already know, while I can only deal with
foundation when being on the shooting set, a good powder has become a necessity for
me – especially during flights then my skin tends to become oily and shiny like
a 15-year-old teenager. Phyto-Poudre Libre* by Sisley (number 3) is an airy
textured powder with natural and transparent coverage that is almost
invisible. It is nice on the skin and in the long run also promises to improve
the skins texture, thanks to its hibiscus flower essence, Vitamin E, mallow and linden
tree extract. The packaging is luxuries and convenient and the soft puff allows
powdering throughout the day (or in my case throughout the flight). If only the
price in Israel was more accessible, it would probably be easier to get
addicted to this one. 12 Grams | 495 NIS.
Lips that have become so used to dominant matte lipsticks in the winter, can
easily deal with lighter finishes and touches in the spring. Velied Rouge* by Shiseido
tone PK405 is a flattering pink shade lipstick with Hyaluronic
acid that nurtures the lips with moisture. 2.2 Grams | 200 NIS. For those who
don’t wish to commit to a colour but do desire beautiful shiny lips, MAC Such Sweeties* lip-gloss from the Flamingo Park collection will be an
excellent alternative. 2.7 Grams | 117 NIS, shop in MAC stores or on the
Spring is the perfect time to fall in love again with pastel colors and flowery fragrances.
You can put aside rich and deep smells that are more suitable for wintertime,
and set room for some feminine flowery classics. COCO Chanel Mademoiselle contains oranges, jasmine, patchouli, and
Vetiver – essences that combined together create a smell you simply can’t
ignore. Eau de parfum 30 ml. | 430 NIS. Together with this perfume, I would
combine a matching lipstick and nail polish by Dior, Dior Addict Lipstick* (Tribale No. 451) and Dior Vernis* (Smile No.
552), which bring together a breath of fresh-spring
air and bloom. The core of the lipstick, where the CD letters are
engraved, is
made from a unique gel that gives shininess and easy-to-wear texture.
3.5 Grams | 178 NIS (lipstick), 10 ml. | 128 NIS (nail polish).
To some it may sound obvious, but for me spring symbolises
something about opening my eyes and being born into a new era. While spring may
not be my favourite season, it does have the energy of newness, and so I
would love to make the best out of it. Spring is the perfect time to take a deep breath and fill all engines
with new energy
towards the busy summer that is ahead of us. For me, it is
all about getting a massage or taking some days off in the north of Israel
(such as Galileo); for others it could be an indulging shopping spree, a
styling course, new makeup or seeing a good show. I wish us all to find that
thing which makes us happy, and to dedicate that time to ourselves – without
any distractions.
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