Givenchy has always been one of my favourite high-end beauty brands. As one who prefers subtle, natural make-up, I find the products suite my needs, and the packaging is always aesthetically pleasing in a way only a true beauty addict can understand. Reaching out to use these beautiful products always makes me feel like a French princess, and that is without a doubt the way that make-up should make one feel. The brand's luxurious Prisme Visage powders are a reformulation and design of the iconic powder first launched 27 years ago.


The sleek, black compact contains 4 squares of color, to be blended together in order to give the skin a silky, natural look. Each shade is infused with silk protein and mica powder that blend seamlessly. As I am not a big fan of foundation and use only concealer on a daily basis, I do sometimes feel my skin needs a little help in order to create a unified, flattering canvas. This is where Prisme Visage comes into the picture, as it has a subtle effect that never looks heavy or over the top. I have fair skin and I feel number 5 Soie Abricot, is light enough to use all over my face, yet warm enough to give my skin some needed color. As for the brush: I prefer using a big, fluffy brush to apply this product, as I use it all over the face to warm up the completion and give the skin an even finish. 11 grams | 325 NIS.


השאירו תגובה

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